Prateek Subramanium
Prateek s
Also Known AsLucifer

Prateek Subramanium a.k.a. Lucifer is the son of Shekhar Subramanium and Sonia Subramanium. He is played by Indian child actor Armaan Verma.

Prateek is A – bad ass whiz kid, and an ace video game player. He is in the school rock band and plays for the school football team, and loves to skateboard as well as cycle, but video games are his first love and he is capable of playing even the most difficult games with ease. Prateek belongs to the ‘bad is cool’ set of kids. He loves villains, saying that they are "Kickass" and feels that heroes are boring and predictable, thinking that villains will do anything to win. Just Like any other teenage kid, Prateek doesn’t get along with his nerdy father and is embarrassed by his loud Punjabi mother, so he mostly hangs out with his friends and his video games.

In order to satisfy his son, Shekhar designs a new game for Barron Industries, "Ra.One ". He makes the villain more powerful than the hero making him awesome. Prateek suddenly loves the game and bonds with his father. Being a video game expert, he easily defeats Ra.One in the first two levels as "Lucifer". However he is unable to play the third level, as Akashi tells him that its time for him to go home. Akashi then notices some problems within the mainframe. He asks Shekhar to come along with him to investigate. Meanwhile, Prateek and his mother, Sonia were travelling by car, going to home. Back in the lab, Ra.One comes to life and attacks Akashi, asking him if he was Lucifer. Akashi replies with a No and because he is of no use of Ra.One, he kills him. Shekhar, who was investigating the game files, listens to the explosion noises, and comes to see if Akashi was okay. But seeing Akashi's dead body and Ra.ONe recharging, he tries to escape in his car. However Shekhar is stopped by Ra.One who kills him when he falsely tells him that he was Lucifer while trying to protect Prateek.

With Shekhar's death, he becomes very sad and disobedient. After seeing the marks on the road where his Dad died, which were created by Ra.One, he understands that it was Ra.One who murdered his father. He tries to tell his mom, but she doesn't believe him.

After his father's death, they have no reason to live in the USA. So they go to India, but when Ra.One tries to find him, and attacks him, he gets an idea- to revive G.One just like Ra.One came to life. It works and Ra.One and G.One fight during a chase between Ra.One and Prateek and Sonia.

G.One wins the fight and Sonia, having no other choice, brings him with her to Tamil Nadu, India.