Chitti Robot


Chitti Babu is a character from the film Enthiran (Tamil), Robot (English). In the film, he is played by Superstar Rajinikanth.

History Edit

Chitti Incomplete

Chitti Incomplete


In the film he is a robot created by Dr. Vaseegaran also played by Rajinikanth. Dr. Vaseegaran who is specialised in robotics, created Chitti after a decade of intensive research. Chitti was first created without emotions however in order for the robot to understand human behaviour, Vaseegaran taught the robot about them. But then the robot fell in love with the scientist's fiancée (Sana) and thus it caused conflict between them. angered by the robot, Vaseegaran literally chopped the robot into pieces.

Found by the evil boss of his creator, Chitti turned evil because of a red chip

Evil Chitti in Enthiran

inserted into his neck by Dr. Bohra (the boss). Chitti turned into an evil destructive killing machine and killed Bohra. He then weent after Vaseegaran and Sana and crashed their wedding. He showed numerous other powerful abilities including shapeshifting as well as duplicating. He caused so much damage and destruction to the city. However, Vaseegaran managed to defeat and stop Chitti. Since Chitti caused so much damage and destruction to the city, he was de-activated and dismantled. His body parts were then displayed in the museum in the year 2030 as the most advanced humanoid robot ever built.


Chitti reappeared in the film Ra.One and communicated with G.One. Chitti appeared in a special appearance. Due to his appearance there must be a connection between the two films.


  • Chitti was named by Dr. Vaseegaran's mother after the baby brother he never had.
  • Chitti and Vaseegaran share the same physical appearance and this was even exploited in the film as Vaseegaran dressed as one of the Chitti duplicates. This is also because both characters are potrayed by the same actor, Rajinikanth.
  • As Chitti appeared in Ra.One, its implied that there must be a connection between the two films. Also, since Chitti and G.One recognised each other, it is highly likely.
  • Chitti, at the end of Enthiran, in the museum, twenty years into the future, appears to be alive as his head talks to the students there, when a girl asks why he was dismantled to the teacher.
  • Chitti appears in the film Ra.One which likely takes place in the year 2011 or 2012, it is not known how Chitti appeared in the film as he was dismantled and taken to the museum. It could be because he managed to fix himself back somehow and came to see G.One, before he was taken to the museum. Or, he escaped from the museum in the year 2030, and somehow travelled back in time to the present to meet G.One.

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