Akashi was a recurring character of the film Ra.One. One of Shekhar's colleagues, he implemented the movements of the characters in the game Ra.One. He was portrayed as a good friend of Shekhar, Sonia and Jenny at Barron Industries. Akashi was mercilessly killed by Ra.One as his first victim, attempting to defend Prateek from him.

Involvement in the film Edit

Akashi was an employee at Barron Industries of Chinese origin who first appeared being threatened along with the others by his boss, the irate Barron, for failure to develop a game of sanding ovation, as the last two were flops. Upon Shekhar receiving an inspiration from his son Prateek, he worked with him and Jenny to create Ra.One and implement the movements of the characters in the game. He seemed to be intelligent to a degree, as he was the first to deduce that the game was "unusual." Jenny seemed romantically attracted to him, for he sang to her at the party that took place following the release of Ra.One. He demonstrated the practicability of gaming moves on stage and also escorted an enamored Prateek to the gaming room for him to play the game, as he logged in as Lucifer as his I.D. After the party, Akashi informed Shekhar of some technical glitches in the game, which they set out to investigate. During this time, Ra.One, having gained sentience, entered the Real World through a wireless technology introduced by Jenny in a conference and targeted Akashi for whereabouts of his challenger Lucifer. Enraged at his negative reply, Ra.One accepted Akashi's guise as his first avatar and promptly murdered him with a powerful electric blast that flung the dead Akashi onto some live electric wires, alerting Shekhar. Having killed and assumed young, handsome Akashi's form, Ra.One returned to his family home and murdered Akashi's mom, in much the same way as he did to Akashi, next morning by slitting her throat with a brass plate hung on the grille, while still in diapers, crudely proclaiming, "I hate Chinese!" thereby ensuring the extinction of Akashi's family.

Actor Edit

Akashi was originally considered to be played by Jackie Chan, who declined. Tom Wu instead portrayed Akashi in Ra.One.